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Marine Biology Year End Research Project

Marine Mammals, Birds and Reptiles

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Links for assignment

1. Ocean Careers

2. Ferguson Career Guide

username = CHICOPEE
password = clic

3. Dive and Discover

Human Anatomy

Explore the Human Body in 3D

Human Biodigital 3D

Human Body Anatomy from Science in Context

Advanced Google - find more relevant resources

Inner Body

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Evolution WebQuest Resources

Evolution 101: How it Works
Natural Selection: Modes of Selection
Darwin's Game of Evolution
Darwin's BioScience Activity
Animal Planet Adaptations
Rare Animals with Bizarre Adaptations
Animal Adaptations to Hostile Environments

CCHS Library Book List



Cells Alive Internet Lesson

Cell Game

Click on play the incredible Megacell Game

Mr. Adamski - Biome Project Websites

Missouri Botanical Garden

UC Berkley Biology Class

Teachers' First Biomes of the World

Radford University Biomes of the World

Blue Planet Biomes

Biome List
Suggested Internet sites for information about animals and biomes:
General Information on Biomes

This site contains a very basic description of biomes from around the world.
Tour of Biomes
Visit this site for a visual and descriptive tour through the biomes on Earth
Aquatic Communities

This site provides a succinct description of aquatic communities: both marine andfreshwater.