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Welcome to Best Buddies of Chicopee

We are so glad you made it here!!!!

We are hoping that this will be an effective way to communicate with all Best Buddies across the city of Chicopee :-)
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Rob Lowe and his Buddy

Reminder!!!!!!!!!!========TO ALL PEER BUDDIES WHO HAVE MATCHES======>>>>>>>>>>>>>

You should be completing your friendship update every month online....

Best Buddies Online

Best Buddies is collecting and recycling consumer electronics & gold, silver and platinum jewelry

This is a fundraiser to help fund future activities for members of Best Buddies of Chicopee.

Bins for collections will be at Chicopee High and Chicopee Comprehensive in the Special Education office.


Our Buddy Match Party was a HUGE success!!!

We had over 30 students attend the Adventure Games at Mt. Tom, hosted by Universal Access. Despite the cool temperatures and wet grass, we managed to have a lot of fun and met some amazing new friends.

NOVEMBER's Monthly Activity will be at the Sword Game on November 14, 2011

This is the annual rivalry football game between CHS and CCHS which will be held at CCHS at 7:00 pm

Best Buddies will be meeting at the tennis courts at CCHS at 6:15 to receive their free admission tickets and enter as a group.



Have you pledged to remove the R-Word from your vocabulary???