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Computer Apps and Website Evaluation

Powerpoint Presentation Assignment Information and Resources

Standards for the 21st-Century Learner

How do I choose a topic? Be sure it is a topic of interest!
Make sure there is enough information about the topic, but not too much or too little.

How do I know if there is right amount of information?
Check the library databases. Check a website.

How is a library database different from a website?

Library databases
Web sites
Library databases get their information from professionals or experts in the field.
Web sites can be written by anyone regardless of expertise.
Library databases contain published works where facts are checked.
Web site content is not necessarily checked by an expert.
Library databases are easy to cite in a bibliography and may create the citation for you.
Web sites often don’t provide the information necessary to create a complete citation.
Library databases can help you narrow your topic or suggest related subjects.
Web sites often aren’t organized to support student research needs.
Library databases are updated frequently and include the date of publication.
Web sites may not indicate when a page is updated.

Library Databases

Search Engines

Subject Directories

Bogus Websites

external image opposingViewpoints_in_context.gif
external image google.gif
Google Advanced Image Search
Dog Island A site that gives information on a great island for dogs.
external image bing.gif
Getty Images
Google Pigeon Rank A webpage created April Fool's Day 2002 that spoofs how Google ranks its searches.
external image yahoo.gif
DMOZ- Open directory project
The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus An official looking website about a non existent animal.
external image science_in_context.gif
external image duckduckgo.gif
The WWW Virtual Library
Facts about Idiotica A mini bogus encyclopedia.
external image history_us_in_context.gif

Joe Ant
Buydehydratedwater.com A real looking commercial site that advertises dehydrated water.

The most common top-level domains and the type of site they indicate are:
  • com commercial business or for-profit organizations
  • gov United States government agencies
  • edu educational institutions
  • mil United States military organizations
  • org non-profit organizations
In general, .gov and .edu web sites are more reliable than .com web sites.

What is the best way to use Wikipedia?

Look for the table of contents or scroll down to the References, Bibliography or External Links. This is where you will find the website used to create the Wikipedia article and hence the information needed to generate a source citation.

Cite It Before You Write It

Remember library databases usually give the source citation, so there is no need to use a citation generator
Use a citation generator when using information from a website.
Example: citing a website

Example: citing a database article

Plagiarism Prevention